Friday, May 14, 2010

It's all about how you keep your car!

I'm a firm believer of how you keep your car, is how organized you are. My car is never spotless, but is always picked up. I believe I keep my house and office the same way. It doesn't get dusted everyday, but its clean and organized. I can't stand getting into some one's car and they want me to sit on the papers in the passenger seat. Really?!?!

But off my soap box about how organized you should be....I want to show you these photos. I came out of the allergy Dr. and I saw this jeep parked beside me so I had to take some photos. At first I thought he was moving, but then I realized he was a Mr. Fix it.

I'm not sure where the man is going to sit.

I'm almost positive their is a hammer and a year old sandwich from McDonald's in the bottom of the Jeep that he hasn't seen for over years!!
The bad part about all of this is my dad is the same way. Yikes!

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