Saturday, May 8, 2010

Who needs a boyfriend?....I have an 8 year old little sister!!

Due to the numerous unsuccessful relationships I've been in lately, I've found someone that is always there for me. She's only 8, but sure has taught me alot about life and what I need to look for in a serious relationship.

Today, I was having a bad day, and as soon as Alexys and I started off on our adventure to Michael's Craft Store, my attitude totally changed. She has a way of always putting a smile on my face!!

She always looks forward to seeing me, we solve the worlds problems together, and she even tells me the truth in a nice way (like what jeans make my butt look big!). She was also the first one to call and wish me Happy Birthday and to tell me that I should go to McDonalds to get a free breakfast for my birthday.

Alexys has done great things for me when it comes to finding a serious relationship. Just remember that if a guy likes he will make time to come see you, he will be excited to spend time with you, he will discuss life problems with you, and can't wait until the next time he sees you. Shelia said it best when she said, "Alexys adores you." I just need a man to adore me too!!

If your having problems with the opposite sex, I encourage you to 1. get a dog or 2. sign up for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Having a 8 year old little sister has taught me more about myself than I expected!!

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  1. Wise words, Robin! Wise words...My little sister is a lot like my relationships though...she ignores me! LOL