Saturday, May 1, 2010

Apple Blossom Parade

Yesterday was St. Joe's Apple Blossom Parade and it was a huge hit for all of the kids in town and half of Missouri. I have never been to a parade in town (besides the Mardi Gras parade which is for adults) so I didn't quite know what to expect. Let's just say people in St. Joe LOVE parades!!

Alexys has been waiting for this parade for days and on Friday she kept saying "I wish today was tomorrow." Every since I told her we were going to walk in the parade, she has been looking forward to this day. We have also been in the BB/BS progam long enough she could have her first overnight stay at my house so she stayed at my house on Friday night. Let's just say this weekend was something she was looking forward to for days.

The parade was long. I walked the entire route handing out books (great idea junior league) and flyers about the BB/BS organization. Alexys helped hand out books and then was in the back of the gator with a few of the others littles to help through candy. We didn't have enough candy nor books so by the middle of the parade all we had left was flyers (sorry kids!).

There was so many people watching the parade, I was very relieved with Alexys decided to get in the gator....I was afraid I was going to lose her in the crowd!

The parade ended up being a huge success. We both had a great time!!

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