Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Blind Side: Courage and Honor

Currently, in the movie theatres is an outstanding movie called the Blind Side. I've seen it twice, once with my mom and the other with my roommate Crystal. It's an amazing story, as an upscale caucasian family takes in an african american teenager, named Big Mike, who to some may be known as 'homeless'.

In the movie Big Mike writes an assignment about honor and courage. The entire movie is reflected off of honor and courage as both Big Mike and the family step out of the comfort zones to do what's humanly right. Big Mike had to leave his lifestyle in Hurt Village where it was full of drugs, booze and violence. As a loving son, he knew that his mother and their lifestyle was not for him so he became a runner to find something better out on his own.

On the other hand, the family had to deal with the pressure of their peers and family of high status when they took in a young african ameican teenager. After receiving criticism, luckily they put their reputation aside and followed their hearts as providing Big Mike with love, a bed and an education.

Having the courage to reach down and help someone at a lower level overcome their obstacles is an incredible journey. Going out of your comfort zone to help others, is something that I feel is self rewarding. In doing so, I promise you that you will learn about others and yourself.

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