Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm a big sister!

Today, I met my little sister. Yes, I'm 24 years old and became a big sister due to being a volunteer for the organization, Big Brothers/Big Sisters of St. Joseph. My little sister is a 8 year old, blonde haired, brown eyed girl with glasses named Alexys. She comes from a single parent family and has an older 19 year old brother. As soon as I walked in the door she looks at her mom and goes "ah, she's so pretty," so I guess she was happy to see me! She's a great match for me as she is a little diva and chatter box just like me. This afternoon, we only had 45 minutes before she had to go to her church play practice so we went to Culvers for ice cream (where she wanted three scoops of ice cream) and just chatted and ate ice cream. Let's just say we didn't need the sheet of get to know each other questions, as both of us talked the whole time.

I'm super excited to be apart of a great organization and to help out a young child. I will continue to give you updates of our times together and post pictures soon.

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  1. Yeah! You are going to have a blast.