Wednesday, December 23, 2009

You know you are from a small town when.....

As I traveled home for the holidays I thought about the small town atmosphere that I had when growing up. Living in a town of 85,000 has been quite a change for me as my home town of Hanston is pushing 250 people. As I travel into town I look at my old schools, the 'beer joint' Evy's, dad's part store, the bank, and the coop and think about how much fun I had growing up in a small town. Things it home for me as mom and I were planning the meal for Christmas dinner and we were missing a few items. Well, in St. Joe I would just hop in the car and run to Wal-Mart or the grocery store and pick up the missing items and be back in ten minutes. No, we had to make 2-3 phone calls and ask everyone in town if they needed anything from the grocery store in the neighboring city as we are going to make a run! A 15 minute trip in St. Joe took us 1 hour in a small town!!

I thought I would come up with a few of my own you know you are from a small town when.....
  • You don't have a single stop light in the whole town and your roads are dirt.
  • You 'dragged' main on Friday and Saturday night wasting mom and dad's gas.
  • You would stop one of your friends in another car and sit in the middle of the road chatting. If anyone came up, you wouldn't move your car as you knew they would go around you. If they didn't, then you figured they were travelling in to meet someone.
  • You went out for sports.
  • You couldn't by cigarettes or booze underage because everyone knows how old you are.
  • You had bonfires.
  • You went country cruising.
  • You knew everyone in your school by first and last name.
  • You drove 45 minutes to go out to eat and to the movies on a date.

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