Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love: 8 Year Old Style

My little sister, Alexys, has a crush on a young man in her class named Carson. I love hearing stories about Carson and how she thinks he is the cutest guy in class. She has mentioned his name a few times, and then just smiles and giggles when we talk about it him. However, when your 8 its okay if your best friend Haley has a crush on him as well. (I hate to tell her this...but she will lose friends over this when she gets older!)

Yesterday, when we were talking about Carson she informed me that he likes her too. She was the happiest person alive. So, we went on to discuss how she found out that he likes her. Of course, I tried the adult way first of did you tell him you liked him at recess....and she goes "oh no, I wrote it on a piece of paper!!" It kills me that when we are young liking someone is sent on a piece of paper that says Do you like me? Check Yes or No. The boy or girl then returns the paper with their answered circle and bam you have your answer! I wonder why it can't be this easy as an adult?!?!

Often, as adults we tend to have a crush or like someone but its not as easy as writing it on a sheet of paper and then wait patiently for them to return it with their answer. I wish it could be this easy, but now it takes time to think about what you are going to say to them, and then try and interpret the response. I also feel as if girls over think this entirely way too much!
I want to wish all of my single friends, a Happy National Singles Awareness Day and all my friends in a relationship, a Happy Valentine's Day. For my single friends that are depressed about the holiday, feel free to head to KC for some bonding time with your fellow single friend! It would be great to have the company!


  1. Aaaahhh!!! if only it were as easy as circling a note!!! Loved this entry! 2010 is THE YEAR, my friend!!!

  2. Beautiful story!! That George Strait song is one of my favorites.