Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On a trek to find an intern!

It's that time of year for me to be finding that perfect intern to work with me for the summer. This is no easy task, as I need an intern who is reliable, organized, self motivated and has a good head on their shoulders. I was blessed to have Melissa Miller from Brandon, FL work for me last year, and I must say...she left BIG shoes to fill. I almost feel sorry for Mel because every time I see her I ask her if she wants to come back. Great help is sometimes hard to find.

February 1 was the deadline for this year and I had 19 candidates apply. I had a great group of kids, so I phone interviewed 7 of them. Whew! That took a while!! However, I also see applying for jobs as a learning process so I enjoying giving qualified applicants the opportunity to interview. Don't worry the individual who called me Mr. Ruff and the one who said she had Woo! (whatever that is) for a strength didn't get phone interviews!

After tough deliberation in my head, I narrowed down the selection from 7 to 2. Now, I get to meet them face to face to discuss their qualifications for the internship position. Another key item to find out besides being a good match for the position, is trying to figure out if they will get along with the 12 junior board members. As not only will they be working closely with me, they will be working with the 12 college age juniors who plan and execute our junior shows and events.

I have the first candidate coming in tomorrow and the other one next week so I hope to be able to make the big announcement on next Friday of who my intern will be!

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