Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wedding Dress Shopping

We found the dress!! During our trek through David's Bridal in Kansas City we found the perfect dress for Raena to get married in. No, I can't put up any photos of Raena in 'the dress' because we don't want Michael to see what it looks like. We have to keep something a surprise!!

Raena did a great job of shopping around on the Internet prior to getting there, so she knew exactly what dresses she wanted to try on. However, every new dress she tried on she liked even better. We thought it was going to be a tough decision for her, but then she put on 'the dress' and fell in love. It's the perfect dress to get married in in Las Vegas!

Here is Raena in one of the dresses...but it's not the one!!

(Sorry Raena, I'm not sure what you are doing with you arms.)

I love watching people make complete fools out of themselves, and in David's Bridal we saw what you call one of those Bridezillas! She had all of our her bridesmaids there and was trying to figure out their dresses. She wanted them to put on the exact color and style of the dress, but if you ever went shopping for bridesmaid dresses you know they don't have every color and every style in every size. She was just not having it and was yelling quite a few curse words at her bridesmaids!

She also had this really cute flower girl trying on dresses. She was the only happy one in the group. I thought she was so dang cute so I had to take a video of her. Here it is below.

The flower girl had a brother who was jealous that he didn't have on a dress so they found one for him!! His shirt underneath said 'I get my muscles from my daddy' but I'm not sure daddy is going to be proud of him wearing a bridesmaid dress around the store.

Here is his picture.

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  1. I'm not sure what I was doing with those arms either! That was so much fun. We should have taken pictures of the bridesmaid dresses. I'm not liking that dress either, I love mine:) Now I'm going to do some crunches after seeing that picture!