Wednesday, March 31, 2010

American I-DULL

Okay, my love for American Idol is over!! Yes! The tears are rolling down my face. For all of you that know me, I'm addicted to that show. I'm a huge David Cook fan and even went to the Royals game to watch him sing take me out to the ballgame during the 7th inning stretch. Mathew and I got our tickets in the nose bleed section, brought our cameras, and were waiting for David to make his appearance on the pitchers mound. It was his hometown visit during the show, and he used to serve nachos and hot dogs at the stadium during high school so they brought him to the game.

Yesterday, Scott, Bill, and I were sitting in the staff room during break and I made the comment about American Idol being on tonight. Bill goes read this article. The headline in the St. Joe Newspress read American I-DULL. I couldn't believe it! No way! It's such a great show.

I haven't seen American Idol the last two weeks due to travelling, so I had to get caught up last night. I still have my favorites of Lee Dewzye (sometimes) and Crystal Bowersox. Crystal is awesome and can either rock it in tall black army boots or stilettos, but everyone else needs to stick to the late night karaoke machine at the local bar.

The talk is that Simon is going to leave after this season. But, if I was Simon I would claim Crystal as this years winner and get up and walk away. Why, sit through the embarrassment of the show. Also, how can he stand sitting next to Kara...she's an idiot and just likes to hear herself talk.

I'm pretty disappointed in the show, and I can't believe that out of that many people who audition this is what they come down to. Really, is the best that was out there? I would rather hear Pants on the Ground then a 16 year old girl sing a song that a 65 year old lady should be singing.

I guess I will not plan my schedule around Tuesday and Wednesday nights anymore. American Idol is not worth sitting there and wasting my precious time.

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