Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bubble Tape

Do you remember growing up and getting gum that came in a roll like tape? You know, the one you had to open it up, and then you shut the lid and it cut the gum like scotch tape? Well, Alexys found some of this at the store the other day so I let her get a pack. She asked me if I wanted a piece on the way home, and I was like sure why not. So, I put the gum in my mouth and about choked. It was horrible!! I wanted to spit it back out, but just grinned and tried to chew it. I don't know how I ever chewed that stuff as a kid. It was dry, had no flavor and tasted like I was eating notebook paper. I think that is the worst gum I have tasted in my life!! There must be a reason I switched to buying orbit gum.

So, just remember we may have been 'cool' carrying around a pack of bubble tape when we were young, but we had NO idea how bad the gum really tastes!!

I don't recommend you going out and getting a package today!

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