Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Favorite Part of My Job!!

They say if you love your job, you never go to work. I guess that is true for me, as I'm on a 40 day straight 'extended' work week.

During March, I have the opportunity to put on three different leadership workshops. These are my favorite part of my job, because I enjoy the interaction with the juniors and seeing the friendships they create through our workshops.

past weekend I packed a suitcase full of games and playdoh and I was off to Virginia. (I love the look the security guys at the airport give me when I tell them that my suitcase is full of playdoh, not 2 oz. expolosives!!)

We had approximately 40 kids at our leadership workshop at the MAJAC show. It was a great group. Its often hard to plan activities for kids ranging in age from 9-21, but we had four great hours of fun.

Playing telephone with marshmallows.

Flipping the tarp without getting off. We had too many people to succeed.

They had to construct a free standing tent out of a USA Today and a roll of masking tape to protect them from the rain in the desert.

4 People: Statue of Liberty

2 People: Piggy Backride

This weekend, I'm headed to Cannaan Valley in Davis, WV to put on another leadership conference. This one is going to be fun as its at a ski resort I'm just crossing my fingers that I don't break a leg. I've never been skiing before.

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