Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Youth Beef Industry Congress

This past weekend, the junior board and I headed to the twin cities for the YBIC. YBIC, is a group of 20 youth beef organizations who put on this conference every two years for our youth to attend. I helped plan in 2008, so I only played the role as treasurer this year (the funds are housed in my office).

All in all the weekend was successful. I think the Angus junior board realized how lucky they have it, when they were eating danishes for breakfast and had to ride in school buses not motor coaches.

This is all of the attendees. I believe there was somewhere around 130 of us.

This is me with the 'snack pack'. I knew they would be starving, so I loaded up my backpack with snacks. They were dissing on the backpack, but then thought it was the coolest thing ever after they were starving. This isn't my first leadership conference!!
Also, I'm sporting the plastic booties! I was bio secure!

Here is the Angus group.

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