Monday, March 22, 2010

Head first in the snow!!

At the mini-LEAD conference this past weekend in West Virginia, we went skiing. I've never been skiing before in my life, but I thought I had to try it just once. I also didn't want to be the junior activities director who sat in the lodge taking pictures, so I jumped right in to get my skis!

Everyone thought I was pretty decent for the first time, but I had a problem with stopping!! (yikes!) I took some pretty good tumbles and ate a few mouthfuls of snow. Pam kept trying to get my camera so she could take a picture of me headfirst in the snow with my skis up in the air, but no way was I going to let her take a picture of me looking like that! She thought it was hilarious, and I just informed her that I'm a trooper and I'm going to get this down!! She was pretty impressed!

of the time, I would just lay there and laugh for a good 30 seconds and then get back up and go after it again. However, the last time I rolled around in the snow, wondering if I was ever going to walk again. I'm pretty sure my body does not do the splits anymore! Wow, I was a hurting unit on that one.

trying to get out of bed on Sunday morning, I think my decision of learning how to ski was a foolish one. I'm pretty sure I found muscles that I didn't know I had because they are so sore. My body regrets me learning how to ski, but I enjoyed it and I'm sure everyone else got a kick out of me landing headfirst in the snow!!


  1. This picture made my morning! So glad that you got out and tried it. I promise it gets easiest each time.

  2. This is a great photo! You are a trooper and a true leader--lead by example!