Monday, March 29, 2010

Dying Easter Eggs

I haven't seen Alexys for almost three weeks due to her being sick and my travel schedule so yesterday when I got home from Minnesota I headed straight to Savannah to pick her up for an afternoon of fun. Only having a few ideas in my head to do for the afternoon such as bake cookies, make supper, play board games, or make a craft project I gave her the option to select the afternoons activity. After giving her the choices, she decided that we would go to Michael's and pick out an Easter craft project. I was envisioning us decorating an Easter basket for her to hunt eggs with or make an Easter bunny decoration. But, when we walked into the store we had a better idea...dying Easter eggs. She picked out glitter eggs and egg paint packets and we were off to Target to get 2 dozen eggs.

I haven't died eggs in a long time and I loved doing it as a kid, so I was up for the challenge. However, I didn't remember how to boil eggs or how messy this project can get. I gave Alexys an old shirt, and let her do most of the mixing of the die and putting the paint packets in the little paint container so we had die everywhere. Luckily, the paint and die was easy to clean up.

The eggs were ready and so we were with the decorating. We both decorated eggs, but her favorite part was the glitter eggs. Not wanting to follow the directions, I let her put the whole packet of glitter in the 'glitter shaker' so we had eggs with a THICK coat of glitter. She thought they were beautiful!!

The decorating went pretty fast, and we were both a little upset that we didn't have more eggs to decorate. So, we let them dry and ate supper and played outside.

After they were dry, I let her pick out a basket to put her eggs in to take home. For some reason, she thought the basket smelled like a forest (it must have been the green color). She was so excited to take it home to show her mom and brother and was hoping that they would hide them for her so she could hunt them.

During this time, it was also great to share with her the story of Easter eggs, and that prior to plastic eggs they hunted real eggs. She was in total shock!!

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