Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Do you have any uncles?!?!"

I didn't get much sleep on Sunday and Monday, so the past two workdays I have not been very productive. I was tired and still stuck in the vacation mode so the two days felt like 12 hour days. However, last night I got to bed early and I woke up this morning feeling like a rock star. So, I came to work rip-roaring ready to go!

However, I had one large problem. I came into my office and looked down at my desk and saw that its was completely covered in ants! Of course, I let out a scream and stormed out of my office! I thought I could kill them with a little ant spray, but come to find out they were forming a train and coming from my ceiling. My back wall and the floor was covered!!

Everyone tried to cheer me up by cracking a few jokes, of your just so sweet, are you trying to escape (with the ladder up in the ceiling), but Don had the best one with "do you have any uncles?" He even cracked himself up!!

This blog is about how one small problem can ruin your day. Now, I'm at the interns desk pounding away at the computer, waiting for the exterminator to come to take care of my ant problem.

I hope everyone else is having a better hump day than me!!

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  1. LOL!!! Donnie told me about your "Aunts" tonight on the phone while I was driving, and I asked him if any of them were in my office? His reply, "No, you got all the uncles!" So, he's still cracking himself up! Hope they got rid of them all! Can't wait to see you again!