Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Text messaging is taking over the world!!

I received this through an email, and I thought it was very interesting.

Eight hundred 12- to 17-year-olds and their parents were surveyed for three months last year by Pew. Here are the results!
  • The average teen texter exchanges 1,500 texts each month, with an average of 50 per day.
  • Girls are more voracious texters than boys, sending an average of 80 messages a day compared to boys' 30.
  • Older girls (14-17) can get through 100 texts a day, or 3,000 a month.
  • 21% of teenagers access the Internet only from their cell phones.
  • 65% of teens at schools where phones are routinely banned bring their mobiles to school every day, with 58% having sent a text message during class.

How about the parents?!?!

  • 2/3 say they check their child's cell regularly.
  • 62% have removed the phone as punishment.
  • Over half of them limit their kids' use of the phone.
  • However, kids prefer to call their parents, rather than texting them.

I must be 'old school' because I still believe in picking up the phone and having a conversation. Yes, I talk on the phone everyday at work for periods of time, but I still realize the importance of phone conversation. I guess we will see in a few years how these individuals communicate in a professional state.

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