Saturday, April 3, 2010

Only in Jetmore, KS

This blog may seem a little harsh, but I must say it was the highlight of my morning. We went to Jetmore to watch the kids hunt Easter eggs at the park, and before we left Neal Ray had to go into Presto to get a few things before heading home. One guy came out of the convenience store with long hair and tie die shirt and was walking to his truck. Of course, I get crap from my older sister Jamie, that she found a man for me. Then I hear Crystal yell from the backseat....wait how about this guy?!?! I turn around and this beer gutted, wife beater wearing, white trash man pulled up on his bicycle with cigarette in mouth and gas can in hand. (What we got here is a winner winner chicken dinner!!) Of course, I was in a vehicle with Texas license plates so I knew he wouldn't know me, so I whipped out my iphone to take a few pictures. Everyone was yelling and laughing at me, but I was like...hey I gotta blog about this!!

So, here he is.....Top Bachelor of Jetmore, Ks. (Thank goodness he wasn't seen in my hometown of Hanston. We are at a little bit of a higher caliber than Jetmore!!)

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