Wednesday, April 28, 2010

If only my suitcase was big enough!

The show in Reno was great! Everything went off with a hitch (besides the 10 hour day of junior show and showmanship) as we didn't have any problems, butt chewings or mistakes. This rarely ever happens!

But, back to the title of this blog post. Everytime I come home from Reno there are a few individuals that I want to put in my suitcase to bring back with me. They are all under the age of 10, but they are going to be the future leaders of the NJAA. They are all great showman (and women), cute smiles and a heart of gold. I love talking to them about their heifers they will be showing or what they like about school.
Here they are:

Jayce Dickerson

Colby Perry

Corrie Falleur
Seth Cox

Madison Cox and Corrie Falleur

'THE' Jessica Simpson

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  1. These kids ARE soooo cute!! And you know, Robin, your suitcase IS big enough to bring one home at a time, just saying!