Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bowling with Bumpers

Yesterday Alexys and I headed to the south side fun center for a few games of bowling. I was a touch worried about going to the 'south side' or 238er-ville to the bowling alley because it is not known to be the cleanest part of town, but it is where we have discounts for BB/BS. However, the place was pretty safe and clean. We picked out our shoes and grabbed a few bowling balls and we were ready to get started. I requested bumpers for Alexys, but I guess you can't just set them for one player so I got bumpers too!

Alexys had a blast bowling. We bowled backwards, granny style and she would even bowl and then do the splits (she's destined to be a cheerleader!). I even bowled then pulled one of my stellar moves of falling on my rear end. I was pretty embarrassed until I turned around and saw that nobody saw it. Whew!

Two games and a few laughs later we were on our way back to her house to end our evening. I won't have an activity with Alexys next week because I will be travelling to Denver, but when we get back we are going to get our nails done! Yes, she is a diva just like me!! We love to be pampered!!

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