Monday, January 25, 2010

Top 10 Flying Pet Peeves

As I've spent the last 17 out of 24 days on the road, I feel as if I'm becoming a pro at flying and my second home is the Kansas City airport. Through extensive flying over the last few years I have came up with a list of items that drives me nuts when I'm flying. Please remember the next time you fly, to have respect to others on the plane.

1. People who try to roll their bag through the middle aisle of the plane. I'm sorry it doesn't have to pick it up.
2. Those who do not put their personal item under the seat in front of them. Please save room for other bags in the overhead bin.
3. The parents who let their children kick your seat.
4. Slow people going through security.
5. Hovering around the baggage claim carousel. If we all step back 5 steps everyone will be able to see. I really get mad when they come and stand right in front of me.
6. The people who see their bag come up out of baggage claim and run to go get it instead of waiting for it to come to them.
7. When you are flying at night and the person sitting besides you decides to stay up and read. Please do not turn on my light for additional lighting. If you can't see your book with one light, then you need to get your eyes checked before reading gives you a headache!
8. People who try to carry on a conversation with you when your not in the mood to chat.
9. When there are window and aisle seats open in the back and they decide to set in the middle seat.
10. Those who bring more bags than they can handle carrying through the airport. FYI: They make luggage straps that you can hook your bags together with and most airports provide luggage carts!

Here are my top 10 pet peeves for flying. I know there are a few others, but that would be the top 10 most interesting people I've met on a plane. I will save that for later.

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  1. I would have to agree with this list!!! Especially the kids who kick the backs of our seats and people who don't put bags underneath the seat in front of them! But you left out one of our other favorites--old men who get sick from Pan Roast! LOL No wonder we travel so well together!