Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's the little things that count

Last night, was my BB/BS outing with Alexys. She's been wanting to go get her nails done, but she bites her nails so her mother and I told her we couldn't go until her nails were long enough. Since, she was good about not biting her nails for the last two weeks they were long enough. She kept trying to talk me into getting a full set and informed me that her mom said it was okay, but I knew better so we only got our nails painted.

We picked out colors for our nails; she wanted hot pink and bright purple and I settled for a burgundy red. Alexys was pretty impressed by the set up of the nail salon and LOVED sitting in the big chair while she got a manicure. She was amazed by the job that was done and was very excited to get flowers on her thumbs with rhinestones.

Through the process she loved being a girl and getting pampered, but we had a small dilemma. What are the boys at her school going to think?

At recess, she often plays football with the boys but I wouldn't call her a tomboy. I remember this stage growing up as I changed from a girl who played in the dirt to a girl who wears makeup and paints her nails. I tried to relate it into kid terms so we discussed the show iCarly. One of the characters, Sam, is a tomboy but turned into girlie girl to impress a boy. She understood as Sam in the show was very pretty but still had friends that were boys.

I informed Alexys that she is going to have to watch out because once the boys see how pretty her nails look, they are going to have a crush on her. She had a huge smile on her face and was ready to go to school today to show everyone her pretty nails. I can picture the little diva today informing the boys that she can't play football, because it will mess up her nails. Whoops! I hope I didn't corrupt her!

It's the small things like getting your hair done, your nails painted, getting new make-up or buying new clothes that make you feel pretty. I fully believe that when women are feeling down, a quick beauty fix will give you a good boost.

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